Guidebox Launches Movie & TV Streaming & Download Discovery API

Launch Partners Include GetGlue, DuckDuckGo, ShareTV, Followshows and Others

SAN FRANCISCO, California--September 12, 2013--Today Guidebox launched a movie and television API which solves the problem "Where can I stream or purchase this...?" often heard by a broad set of web, iOS, and Android users. With over 100 streaming and purchase sources supported, the Guidebox API is the most definitive solution for solving this problem. An ever-growing list of movie and TV apps and websites supported in the API include Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, all major broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS), all major cable channels (AMC, HBO, Showtime) and many others.

"We believe the Guidebox API is the missing piece for an avalanche of exciting new TV and movie websites and apps" says Guidebox founder Jeremy Riney, "Content discovery is one piece of the puzzle, the other is immediate and seamless content playback." With the Guidebox API, any website or app can serve as a launching point into movie and TV episode playback. With one click the user can purchase or stream directly on their computer, mobile device, or send to Airplay or Chromecast for playback on the big screen.

With the Guidebox API, developers can easily enable end-to-end movie and TV discovery within their website or native iOS or Android application. For example, API launch partner GetGlue released an update to their iPhone app implementing the Guidebox API to power "watch now" buttons which initiate playback of a particular movie or TV episode on streaming or purchase sources. In addition, launch partner DuckDuckGo now handles searches for TV search terms such as "Watch Modern Family" by utilizing the Guidebox API to surface the episodes available to watch with "watch now" buttons to initiate playback. Another Guidebox launch partner ShareTV uses the Guidebox API to display all the free episodes available for each TV show on their community TV show pages with a play button to initiate playback.

"The possibilities for new and creative uses of the Guidebox API are endless," founder Jeremy Riney continues, "I'm seeing some very exciting things from all of our launch partners as well as 20 other projects in various stages of development. The excitement for innovation in this space is contagious."

To see the Guidebox API in action, visit (which is powered by the Guidebox API), download the new GetGlue iPhone app:, perform searches like "Watch Modern Family" on, follow shows on the FollowShows iPhone or iPad app: or browse the TV show pages on

Request an invite code for the Guidebox API beta by visiting:

Apple TV Airplay & Google Chromecast Support

With the Guidebox API, you can enable full episode and movie discovery within your website or iOS application. The user can watch the content on their device, or send it to Apple TV via airplay. Limited (but expanding) support for Google Chromecast is available as well.

Screenshots from Select API Implementations

GetGlue iPhone App

GetGlue Website



FollowShows iPhone App

Get started now by requesting an invite code for the Guidebox API beta by visiting: